Spider Holster

Marketing a Revolution in Camera Products

There are clients who leave meetings with a nod of the head. There are those who shake your hand. And then there’s Spider Holster—who leaves with a big ol’ bear hug.


I’ve had the honor of working with the AWP team on Spider Holster for close to two years now. In that time I’ve worked on print and web advertising, packaging design, running the spider Instagram account and collaborating on video production for Kickstarter campaigns.



Short and sweet – it’s a company focused on creating innovative camera carrying gear.


I have designed many print and web based ads for Spider under the creative direction of Christopher DelCollo. Our collaborative efforts allow me to sprint quickly through iterative ad design layouts while Christopher provides Spider’s voice through written copy. We review as a team and make adjustments accordingly.


A full page ad in Shutter Magazine July 2015

Developing a long-term relationship with Spider has allowed me to not only get to know the brand, but to grasp how they need to evolve with changes in the market. Many of my insights come from monitoring Spider’s social media accounts.


Spider Holster Instagram

Instagram’s value based on likes, comments and follows is difficult to calculate. However, seeing what photographers respond to the most, how they react and what delights them allows me to better understand the camera industry as a whole. I’ve watched the Spider account gain 1000+ followers with a high percentage of them being actual pro photographers interested in Spider’s product.



As Spider Holster expands its product line they come to AWP to brand their packaging. The following design is for the SpiderPro Hand Strap.


SpiderPro Hand Strap Packaging – Front

Spider engineers get the packaging design process started with a CAD file. We discuss dimensions and size requirements as well as materials that can be used to reinforce the Spider brand.


SpiderPro Hand Strap Packaging – Interior

Once we receive the flattened CAD file we moved to design in Illustrator. Christopher got the layout started with imagery and written copy while I worked on the line illustrations that would be needed to demonstrate the products features.


SpiderPro Hand Strap Packaging – Back

The final design came together in time for the product to be shipped after it was funded via Kickstarter.

Everything Else

Spider Holster has given me the opportunity to truly build a relationship with an amazing client. With so many opportunities for focused creative output I get to create fun, fulfilling design work for a client I believe in. Below are some of the in-between pieces I get to work on, which build to larger finished projects.


Belt illustration


Holster lock illustration


Holster plate attachment illustration


Layout design for a product instruction card


Shai Eynav, Spider Founder, poses on a photoshoot


On location in NYC acting in a Kickstarter video


Packaging and print materials I’ve contributed to